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Physician Resources

  1. CDC Key Facts about Influenza (Flu) & Flu Vaccine

    The flu basics - everything you need to know about influenza and the flu vaccine.

  2. CDC Influenza Risk Assessment Tool

    The Influenza Risk Assessment Tool (IRAT) is an evaluation tool being developed by CDC and external influenza experts that seeks to assess the potential pandemic risk posed by influenza A viruses that currently circulate in animals but not in humans.

  3. ACIP Vaccine Recommendations

    Find out what recommendations are being made by the Advisory Committee for Immunization Practice (ACIP) on Influenza.

  4. Preventing Seasonal Flu (and Q & A Resources)

    What are some of the most commonly asked questions on influenza?

  5. Information for  Health Care Workers

    What Health Care Workers need to know about influenza vaccination.

  6. CDC Information Regarding Influenza Activity Worldwide

    Find out all you need to know about influenza around the globe.

  7. CDC General Travelers’s Health (Vaccines & Medicine)

    Planning for a vacation? Steps to protect travellers from influenza.

  8. CDC Coverage Estimates

    Who's getting their flu shots? Find out the estimates on influenza vaccination coverage within the US.

  9. Influenza Research Database

    Get access to the current research and data on influenza.

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ICID Grand Rounds

Watch the experts discuss flu vaccines for little kids - What's new, what's true?


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PCIRN presentation – Flu B

How does frailty relate to influenza?

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